Thursday, May 17, 2018

Images of Greatness Reflection 2018

       Our Images of Greatness assignment was to find a person that resembles our definition of great. So, I researched, wrote about, and portrayed one of NASA's greatest woman mathematicians, Katherine Johnson. Johnson was critical to the United States space program. She calculated routes for many important missions, including the U.S's first manned space flight, the first orbit around earth, and landed the first man on the moon. I personally admire how she handled discrimination and how she remained humble even after being recognized and awarded on multiple occasions.
        At the end of the project I was most proud of my exhibit and my essay because I think that it was a good demonstration of what I learned and showed all the work that was put into it. I'm proud of my Bio-riddle as well, but that was also the most challenging part. It took a lot of thought rewording phrases and finding synonyms to make sure it rhymed. Though it was especially stressful memorizing it and performing on stage.
        Through all the stress, researching, writing, paper-cutting, gluing, memorizing, and presenting, I learned a lot. Not only about Katherine Johnson, but also about myself. I learned that staying on top of things and having everything completed on schedule (or before) makes projects a lot easier. I also believe I improved as a person after presenting. It took a lot for me to go out in front of a lot of people and previously, I would not have done anything like it willingly. But, now that it's over, I realized it really wasn't that bad.
        If I were to change something about my project I would research even more. I learned a lot about Johnson, but I feel like I limited myself and could've gone further. However, overall the Images of Greatness event went really well. My favorite part was seeing everything come together and experiencing my peers' hard work.


Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Des Moines Trip Reflection

        When our GOAL class went on the field trip to Des Moines, the art center was was my favorite part. I really enjoy art myself, so looking at the work of recognized artists was really cool. The way the building was set up and the way the art was displayed also made it exciting and interesting. In the art museum, an untitled sculpture by Peter Alexander was my favorite. It was just a simple glass figure, but it immediately caught my eye because it was really pretty. Although the best example of art that I saw was called Swing Time, by Glenn Brown. This painting was kind of weird, but it exhibited a really creative way to create something. It resembled a head/face of a person, but it was made from what looked like individual strokes which showed a lot of time put into it and it was done really well. Finally, I saw a filmed "performance" that was called The Great White Way, 22 Miles, 9 Years, 1 Street, which I consider a great example of "Why is it art?". It was an old television set on the floor of the museum while playing a video of William Pope L crawling on a 22 mile sidewalk wearing a superman costume, with a skateboard on his back. Maybe it could be possible for me to see this as art, but only with some convincing.
        I think the most educational part of the trip was the IMAX film, Dream Big. I learned a lot about engineering and what engineers do. One specific thing I remember is problem solving, and how a simple twist in the structure of the building makes it sturdier.
        The most fun part of the trip was spending time with the class. I really enjoyed bonding with our crazy, fun group of people. Besides all the fun, it was really fitting for our Images of Greatness Unit. Every place we visited (Des Moines Art Center, Drake University, the World Food Prize Hall of Laureates, and the Science Center of Iowa) were all examples of great places, people, and careers. 
       If I were to recommend an improvement to the trip for next year's group, I would change the amount of time spent in the World Food Prize Hall of Laureates. Because it was originally interesting, but after awhile it was kind of boring and hard to follow. Maybe there could be a break in between or the time could be split into two separate places. However, overall it was a great experience. 

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Independent Project Reflection

       I did an independent project on Jesse Owens, how he was treated, his success, and his impact on the world. I researched and took notes, then presented it as a Prezi with bullet points and I used a corresponding script to further explain the information shown. How I formatted it was my favorite part of my presentation. I had fun using animation/fade in effects and I've always enjoyed organizing and putting together everything.
       Throughout this whole project I had the hardest time starting out. When I began I didn't know where to start with research because I wasn't completely sure what I was looking for. But, because of this I improved as a student by reviewing what I wanted to learn and what I wanted to share. When we wrote questions to focus our project on, I dismissed them almost immediately. But, I later learned how important they are to guide research.
        If I could do it again I would prepare more effectively... I never felt ready to present and I didn't review my facts often enough so it was difficult to explain some things. I think my overall presentation and how I spoke would've been better if I felt I was ready.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

One Word

        The word I've chosen to focus on this year is "happiness". When we were assigned this project it was the first thing that I thought of, but I immediately thought it was too simple so I tried a few other words. The others that I tested didn't have the same the importance to me. Mental health has always been really meaningful to me, but I undervalued it last year and there were times that I just wasn't happy. This year I want to be genuinely pleased and to find positivity in everything. I want to worry less and to be in a constant state of wellness. I want to spend time doing things that I love and being with people that make me laugh. I not only want this for myself, but I also want others to be happy.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

TKAM Compare/Contrast

        The To Kill A Mockingbird movie to left out parts from the book, as I expected. But, there were even more important things forgotten than expected and I was kind of disappointed.
        I would change the movie to include Ms. Maudie's house fire because I felt like it was really important to the story as it was one of the first encounters with Boo Radley. I understand that it is nearly impossible to transfer an entire book into a film, but I also wish the school scene and the pageant were added. Also, some lines that I wanted to hear were skipped. Including, "Son, where are your pants" and how Atticus announced Tom's death. However, I think the trial was accurate and was up to my expectations.
      Another thing that I would change would be the perspective. In the book it's Scout's story, but in the movie it seems to be all about Jem.
        Even though there were some things forgotten, some of the characters were presented really well. Scout's personality and appearance was even better than the image I had in my mind. I think Mayella and Calpurnia were accurately played as well.
       Overall I found the book better than the movie mainly because of detail. But, it was fun actually seeing the characters.

Friday, October 20, 2017

DWA Publishing 1st Quater

        I'm afraid of a lot of things; falling, sharks, knives, home invasion, deep sea, stray cats, and I'm a little claustrophobic. BUT, I am absolutely terrified of being kidnapped. One winter when I was in elementary school I actually experienced someone asking me to get in their car. I remember it vividly and I think it could be the fuel for this phobia. From reading books and watching movies, it definitely seems like the worst to thing to possibly happen.You could end up there forever and who knows where "there" is, they could take you anywhere. You could be killed or just suffer, and no one else knows that it's happening. Also, from what I've seen/heard, kidnappings go unknown or unsolved more often than they are solved. Even if it is solved (which could take years), it would be so traumatic and it would stay with you forever.
       Isn't it strange that everyone learns the same letters, but we all write them in a our special way? The fact that people are recognized by the shaped of these letters is fascinating to me. Whether you dot your "i's" a tad to the left, loop your "y's", fluently connect your letters, or if they fill wide ruled lines from top to bottom. your letters can be small and close together or wide and tall. But, on the printed worksheets in a kindergarten class, they look the same to everyone. They've always been the same, but the unique ways our hands move making it more interesting.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Words of Wisdom

I have concluded that everyone has different views on life. While some value humor and not taking things seriously, others find importance in success and being yourself. Some of these quotes relate to my personal life, while others just give me a glimpse of what goes on in someone's head. I've learned a lot of different aspects of people's lives, and I will remember what they've learned. I loved seeing different varieties of thoughts and knowledge, so I really enjoyed this project.