Saturday, March 18, 2017

History Day Reflection

     I worked with Ellie Anderson and Dakota Wages on an exhibit about Susan B. Anthony and her determination for equal rights. While we conducted research for this project I learned a lot about how important she is and thought about women's rights in a new way. I never knew how much time she dedicated to this cause and that she didn't even live to see her biggest accomplishment, the passage of the 19th amendment. We not only learned a lot of important facts (and even had a little fun along the way), but also came across obstacles. I personally, had a hard time getting things done in class and had to resort to working on it at home every night. But as a group Ellie and I struggled with annotations while Dakota had difficulties with the title board. There were also issues beyond explanation.
     At home I had discussions with my parents about the problems we had, I kept hearing the same thing, "You're becoming a better learner." I honestly didn't believe them, I just wanted the project to be over. But I now realize that while we learned a lot about the women's rights movement, we were also learning about becoming better researchers, learners, and group members. Research for a specific topic seemed simple at thought, but while researching I learned about importance of organization and finding reliable sources. Working together for a long time has bonded us in ways good and bad, but I've learned a lot about working with others.
     This project has been a long process, but there is still plenty of room for improvements. We plan on editing annotations and improving organization of our display board. Through this long process, a lot has happened. Of all the things that happened, I'm proud of the time I dedicated to our project.
     Our project shows relation to the theme because Anthony stood up to all the people who valued men more than women. She was targeted for abuse and even arrested because of her determination. She took a stand for everyone on behalf of the women's rights movement.  

Monday, October 3, 2016

Shakespeare Reflection

       When I looked at the chalkboard and saw "Shakespeare" written on it, I was kinda excited to learn about this famous author that I hear about all the time. It seemed like everyone knew who he was and I had a very small knowledge of him. Once we got started on the reading the excitement kinda drained out. Eventually, around the time that we visited the museum, I got excited again. I finally realized why he was so important to literature. Then, when we began watching the Taming of the Shrew even more excited. It was great seeing his work come together.
      I think that The Taming of the Shrew was a great place to start while learning about Shakespeare. It was a love story, but not the "gushy" kind we're used to. It had action and humor mixed in. The main reason it was different is because of the shrew, Kate. She definitely changed throughout the movie, but in a good way. I think that at the end, they successfully tamed her. Or, Kate was just pretending to be kind and gentle to give everyone what they wanted...
      Next step to learning about this "master author" is when we went to the museum. I learned a lot about Shakespeare while there. This is probably the point where I realized how important he (and his work) is. I also learned a lot about him and his life. The fact that he didn't have a full education amazed me. I think his First Folio is a very important piece. This is kinda where everyone figured out how "special" he was. It's important for us to know about this because Shakespeare altered a lot of literature. He created his own words and type of writing, changing the art of writing that has been used to this day.
     His words were very unique...these words that he created were great accents to his writing. Especially insults. While we learned about his insults (and death scenes) it really helped me understand why everyone thinks he's amazing. It also helped me understand his writing. For example, what his words mean and how to read them.
     Now that we've come to the end of this unit, I've learned to really appreciate Shakespeare.


Thursday, August 25, 2016

2016-2017 First Blog Post

          Every day on the first day of school I remind myself not only of waking up early and doing homework, but that it's a clean slate. This year I want to stay on the honor role and maintain a 4.0 grade average. So far (which is only one year) I haven't had anything lower than an A- and I feel like if I keep it that way I will meet a great accomplishment. I also hope to turn in all my assignments on time. Last year I was usually in rush while trying to finish school work. I now have set a goal of staying on task to make sure that doesn't happen again.
        A behavior goal I have set for myself is receiving the Trojan Pride Award. If I receive the award I will be very happy with myself, but I also can't control who they give it to. On that note, I will continue to work hard in class. An area that I would like to improve in is reading. I'm not bad at reading and it's not complete torture or anything, but I don't read very often. I just don't think it's very entertaining (depending on what book it is), but I am looking for the motivation and good books to get me going. Last year I was slightly behind on our reading contract and this year I plan on being ahead.
       I'm really excited for this school year to get started and I hope it's a good one! ;)

Friday, June 3, 2016

Westward Expansion

I did my westward expansion project (with Hannah Bergren) about "Occupations of Women".

Friday, May 13, 2016

Independent Project Reflection

     I did my independent project on Albert Einstein. I researched him not only because he was a very important part of history, but because he was amusing. Einstein is not remembered for just his outstanding mind. He is also remembered for being so interesting and quirky. I am very proud of myself for showing these characteristics through my presentation (without making it too complicated). I had quite a bit of words on my Prezi and not a lot of pictures, but I think it may have been my best project yet.
      I had a great time learning about Albert's life and accomplishments. I was amazed when I found all the important awards he won! Another thing that I was shocked by was that he failed his college entrance exam.If I were to do this project again I would definitely add more pictures and possibly less text on my slides.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Invent Iowa Refelction

The problem that is targeted is boredom, laziness, and lack of motivation throughout someone's day. My solution is an app, Benify. "Benify" gives the user a series of 5 tasks to complete within their day. The list gives the user things to do for that day. At the beginning of the day, a category is chosen. The choices are, Education, Create, Better Person, Business, Fitness, and Explore. Each of the listed categories have their own theme. Throughout the day the user will try to accomplish every given task. At the end of the day they will take something very similar to a quiz, asking how many activities they completed. Finally, a rating is given. Many students think that school is boring or a waste of time. Teacher try to fix this in many ways, but  I think what encourage these traits are things outside of school. If students are involves outside of school, the may have the urge to be involved in school. This app gives people something to do. It gives them motivation to finish something.
     One of things that went very well would be thinking of the app. Little details and features were so much fun and exciting to come up with. The app was well thought out and had just enough in it to make it better than others with similar meaning(s). An obstacle that I had to over come was downloading it onto my device. I had to go through a very complicated process, rather than just putting "Benify" in the app store (which would require a $99 payment).
     If I could change anything about my app it would be the I would try to add my extra ideas. After I made the app I thought of many other things to add, but I didn't have time to include them. The features that I would like to add the most would be a progress graph, a selection of task themes, and only having access to daily ratings at the end of the day.
     Future inventors (if it is possible) I highly recommend making a physical model. Having a prototype makes explanation much easier and I think you will have a great experience!