Saturday, March 18, 2017

History Day Reflection

     I worked with Ellie Anderson and Dakota Wages on an exhibit about Susan B. Anthony and her determination for equal rights. While we conducted research for this project I learned a lot about how important she is and thought about women's rights in a new way. I never knew how much time she dedicated to this cause and that she didn't even live to see her biggest accomplishment, the passage of the 19th amendment. We not only learned a lot of important facts (and even had a little fun along the way), but also came across obstacles. I personally, had a hard time getting things done in class and had to resort to working on it at home every night. But as a group Ellie and I struggled with annotations while Dakota had difficulties with the title board. There were also issues beyond explanation.
     At home I had discussions with my parents about the problems we had, I kept hearing the same thing, "You're becoming a better learner." I honestly didn't believe them, I just wanted the project to be over. But I now realize that while we learned a lot about the women's rights movement, we were also learning about becoming better researchers, learners, and group members. Research for a specific topic seemed simple at thought, but while researching I learned about importance of organization and finding reliable sources. Working together for a long time has bonded us in ways good and bad, but I've learned a lot about working with others.
     This project has been a long process, but there is still plenty of room for improvements. We plan on editing annotations and improving organization of our display board. Through this long process, a lot has happened. Of all the things that happened, I'm proud of the time I dedicated to our project.
     Our project shows relation to the theme because Anthony stood up to all the people who valued men more than women. She was targeted for abuse and even arrested because of her determination. She took a stand for everyone on behalf of the women's rights movement.  

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